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Case Study Chattermill.png

Lead Generation

promoting webinar for Customer Experience Platform

Case Study Ocean.png

Lead Generation

promoting product demo for CRM Data Platform

Case Study Plytix.png

Brand Awareness

promoting blog post for PIM Solution

Case Study Axual.png

Lead Generation

promoting webinar for Data Streaming Solution

Case Study Wordnerds.png

Lead Generation

promoting product demo for Text Analysis and Insight Platform

Case Study Tyk.png

Lead Generation

promoting webinar for API Management Platform

Case Study MeetinVR.png

Brand Awareness

using video promotion for Virtual Meeting Solution

Case Study SuperAdmins.png

Brand Awareness

promoting blog post for Cloud Service Provider

Case Study
Case Study with Normative

Brand Awareness

promoting product demo for Sustainability Management Platform

Case Study Nomentia

Lead Generation

Promoting webinar and whitepaper for Cash Management Solutions

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