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Who can advertise with BrandRefer?


If you are a small, medium or enterprise B2B company based in EMEA or USA this service is for you. Our expertise lies in serving Information Technology & Services, Computer Software, Internet, Agencies, Staffing & Recruiting companies.


How long does it take to register and launch a LinkedIn influencer campaign?


Complete registration takes no longer than 2 working days, all you need to do is contact us, hop on a call with our campaign team to align on criteria. Depending on the complexity of your campaign we start the work ASAP and launch within an agreed timescale.


Who can register as an Influencer?


Anyone who is actively using LinkedIn platform and has engaged network of direct followers, typically starting from 500+ connections.


What happens when I register as an Influencer?


After registering to our network it does not require any further commitment. When a new campaign is active we’ll send you an email notification. We’ll try to notify you only with the most relevant campaigns based on your location and followers. Each campaign includes a full campaign briefing. A simple form with the detailed task description, brand, post to be endorsed. So you will always know exactly what’s expected to complete the task. The choice is always yours to accept the task or to skip, and wait for the new one.


Do I need to pay something to register?


Signup and registration to our network is completely for free.



Who are micro-influencers on LinkedIn?


Ambitious and active professionals registered on LinkedIn who have a passionate following upwards of 1'000+ direct connections are considered LinkedIn micro-influencers. Each influencer is actively leveraging professional network with frequent weekly activities driving good engagement and visibility of their post and re-shares.


What is the typical background of BrandRefer LinkedIn influencers?


BrandRefer Influencers are mainly based in the USA and EMEA. Their professional network spans across various industries and companies gathering a wealth of connections and influence. We often see professionals from marketing, sales, business development, customer success, IT, engineering, human resources departments. Most of the registered influencers have or are currently working in a B2B environment, therefore perfectly understanding industry specifics.


How are influencers selected for LinkedIn influencer campaigns?


BrandRefer carefully selects and onboards each Influencer ensuring the right criteria are met each time. One by one registration process ensures that we can meet standards of professional collaborations and quality outcomes for our B2B clients.


Why do influencers want to refer and promote my business?


A strong network of ambitious professionals on LinkedIn are interested to connect, refer and share brands they support and like. Each influencer continuously builds their network, expertise and reputation. We offer cash rewards after each campaign task is successfully completed.


Do I need to manage influencers during the campaign?


No, BrandRefer takes care of end-to-end campaign execution and communication with influencers. We match brands with the right influencers on LinkedIn taking care of all the tedious process starting from influencer search and qualification, communication, negotiation and campaign execution.


Can I change influencers for each marketing campaign?


Yes, you can run multiple campaigns and collaborate with different influencers each time to ensure maximum exposure to your target audience.


What type of campaigns are good for LinkedIn influencer campaigns?


LinkedIn influencer marketing campaigns are perfect fit for Lead Generation, Brand Awareness, Talent Acquisition, Event Promotions, Product and Service Showcase.


Can I track LinkedIn influencer marketing campaign results?


Yes, you and your team stay in full control and visibility throughout the campaign execution process. Each post will have a UTM link to your desired landing page. All likes, shares and comments are publicly accessible via LinkedIn at all times. In addition, our team provides monitoring updates from influencer statistics, such as post impressions and re-shares, reporting at every stage.


What are effective KPIs for my influencer marketing campaign on LinkedIn?


Essentially your team can measure anything you find interesting, however we always suggest to find a previous relevant campaign to compare results with. Typically we are looking at total campaign impressions, post engagement rate, click-through-rate (CTR). For more granular marketing performance analysis it is useful to look at - website traffic increase from social media/LinkedIn, number of LinkedIn sessions on website, avg. session duration, avg. time on page, new users / visitors to website.


How long one campaign is running on LinkedIn?


It really depends on your brand objectives and the complexity of the project. Typically, when working with influencers we coordinate several activities for the same campaign covering 1-2 full weeks. Sometimes, followed by a sequence of supportive post campaigns.


How large can be my LinkedIn influencer marketing campaign?


Your team determines the desired scale, number of influencers and exposure you want for the specific campaign. The smallest recommended campaign would start from 20'000 combined follower network, activating around 10 micro-influencers. We can easily increase the scale and handle campaigns of 200k+ combined audience.


What regions and industries can I target with BrandRefer?


Your content can be successfully advertised in the USA, EMEA, DACH and Nordic regions. Our influencer professional networks strongly cover Information Technology & Services, Computer Software, Internet, Retail, Finance industries. However, a specific target audience can be tailored.


What can I expect from a LinkedIn Micro-Influencer campaign?


LinkedIn is the leading platform to reach the world’s largest professional network. Each influencer has built a direct network with professionals and decision makers. A personal referral exposed to their trusted connection brings extra exposure, larger engagement and boost trust. Read more our customer case studies on how we have helped B2B brands to acquire new leads, drive brand awareness and increase marketing ROI.



What content can I promote with LinkedIn influencers?


Your team has no limitation, any type of marketing or sales content can be promoted. Our influencers can share your blog posts, dedicated landing pages, graphics, presentations, articles, interviews, audio or video recordings. You just have to provide easy access to the content piece, e.g. URL link.


Can I reuse my previous marketing content for LinkedIn influencer campaigns?


Yes, we believe in smart execution vs quantity and overproduction. Accordingly, we always recommend reviewing your existing marketing materials, such as - blog posts, interviews, podcast recordings, white papers, use cases, e-books, promotional landing pages etc. - and find ways to refresh your existing content with new introductions, new banners and layouts.


Who creates the content for LinkedIn influencer marketing campaigns?


Typically brands provide their own preferred marketing content. This way brands stay in full control of the desired branding style, content quality, tonality of the main content and key information presented. Influencers don't change the post content or format, however they decide how to introduce the post to their audience in a way that drives the most engagement.


Do you offer content creation for influencer marketing campaigns?


Yes, if needed our content creators can support you creating new content, graphics and other visual media for your LinkedIn campaign.


Do I need to have a LinkedIn company page to promote my content?


Ideally yes, as you can support your influencer's campaign with likes and comments from the company profile, as well as re-share their endorsements on your own company page to increase your brand exposure and create necessary buzz and excitement around the new campaign.


Payments & Compensation

How much does a LinkedIn influencer marketing campaign cost?


Depending on the campaign's scale different pricing modules are applied. A minimum monthly budget of 1'500 EUR is required.


Do I need to pay additionally a compensation to the influencers?


No, BrandRefer is a full managed service provider, therefore we take care of all cost management. Our service fee already covers influencer compensation. Your team will always have agreed fixed cost per campaign.


How does the compensation work for the influencers?


Each successfully completed task rewards influencer with the fixed compensation, stated in the campaign briefing.


How do influencers receive their compensation?


Each campaign's brief is delivered in a simple form where the influencer indicates their PayPal account for the compensation transfer. Transfer is made after the campaign is completed.


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