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BrandRefer SuperAdmins Case Study

"BrandRefer helped us get more quality visits to our unique content and broaden the awareness of the company on certain markets."

Marketing Manager, Tamara Dutina at SuperAdmins



Engagement rate on LinkedIn Influencer posts

2% CTR

Click-through rate on LinkedIn Influencer posts

+62% session

Avg. Session Duration increase on website

+54% page

Avg. Time on Page increase


About Customer

SuperAdmins is an international company of public cloud and DevOps experts, with significant experience in the field of IT infrastructure services. They serve customers starting from startups to enterprises, transforming their businesses and helping them to leverage the opportunities of the public cloud.


SuperAdmins team of experts regularly publishes high-quality content addressing actual industry topics, sharing their experience and knowledge of public cloud solutions and DevOps. The main challenge their team faced was the ability to reach the right people with the content and delivery method they would be most interested to engage. Hence, the campaign was set to:


Drive brand awareness across their target audience

Generate new website visits from LinkedIn

Increase marketing content engagement


With an aim to broaden the network and reach new audiences SuperAdmins collaborated with BrandRefer to execute influencer marketing campaign on LinkedIn. With the help of micro-influencers who’s networks directly exposed their blog post to targeted companies looking for DevOps services, the campaign was set for success.



Target audience location


LinkedIn influencers endorsing SuperAdmins


​Combined LinkedIn network exposure

SuperAdmins LinkedIn Influencers Campaign

Outline and content

SuperAdmins brand awareness campaign was fully executed within 2 weeks. Chosen marketing content was promoted specifically for the LinkedIn audience with the help of 10 strategic B2B micro- influencers. Campaign results and updates were shared throughout the campaign process.

For this campaign, SuperAdmins chose one of their latest educational blog posts to be promoted via LinkedIn platform. A simple UTM link was set up to track engagement throughout the campaign.


BrandRefer followed clear instructions from SuperAdmins when sourcing appropriate 10 influencers for the campaign. To achieve the desired outcome, influencer’s network had to expose SuperAdmins to mobile app developers and decision makers in small to medium size developer companies, as well as spark interest in their latest marketing content.

30% of all approached influencers showed a strong interest to collaborate with SuperAdmins. All participating influencers in this campaign were B2B business professionals from DevOps/Tech background.



Engagement rate on LinkedIn Influencer posts

​2% CTR

Click-through rate on LinkedIn Influencer posts


Avg. Session Duration increase on website

+54% PAGE

Avg. Time on Page increase

BrandRefer SuperAdmins Case Study

''Being a B2B company, we were curious to test influencer marketing approach on LinkedIn. BrandRefer offered a quality pool of influencers whose expertise and interests are overlapping with those of SuperAdmins target audience.''

Marketing Manager, Tamara Dutina at SuperAdmins

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