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With BrandRefer your professional profile on LinkedIn just got more impressive. See why so many ambitious professionals have already joined.

Be among the leaders

BrandRefer is created for ambitious professionals who want to expand their LinkedIn professional network, engage with direct followers and drive professional credibility. Communicate with top brands, review, share and recommend exciting new products and services in the market.

Shape the views and perspectives

Your opinion and input contribute to the wider perspective on important topics, latest innovations and achievements around us. Set yourself on a journey to become a thought leader, inspire others, shape and influence views and drive an open dialog with your LinkedIn network.

Support what you feel passionate about

Stand behind brands you love, greater visions you find interesting and inspiring to support. From small startups to well-known brands, we all create something special worth knowing about. While you stay at the front line of ‘all new things’ brands appreciate your support and exposure to your LinkedIn network.

Join those who already love it

What you get.

Your Opportunities

Get brand’s attention, build your credibility and be exposed to new opportunities.

Your Experience

Discover new products, brands, people in fun and fruitful way.

Your Rewards

Receive exciting cash rewards for each share you make.

Your Flexibility

Refer brands and products from your LinkedIn account, anywhere and anytime.

How it works.

Easy, secure and repeatable

  1. Sign up to receive tasks in your inbox.

  2. Choose and accept the ones you like.

  3. Share post with your LinkedIn network.

  4. Receive rewards once the task is completed.

The only thing you have to do is share with your LinkedIn network. BrandRefer takes care of all the rest.





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