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5 Ways an influencer marketing agency can help your marketing team

5 Ways an influencer marketing agency ca

Collaborating with B2B influencer marketing agencies gradually is becoming more and more popular among leading B2B companies both in Europe and in the USA. Every in-house marketing team of course knows best how they prefer to organize and execute influencer marketing campaigns, but not everyone has the time, resources nor the network to execute effective, scalable B2B influencer campaigns on LinkedIn.

Luckily there are experienced B2B Influencer marketing agencies who can help your marketing and social media team when it comes to launching and executing brand awareness, lead generation campaigns on LinkedIn.

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We listed 5 efficient and effective ways an influencer marketing agency can help your digital marketing team launch campaigns on LinkedIn:

1. Find and connect with the right influencers on LinkedIn


Based on your campaign goals and strategy B2B influencer marketing agency will leverage the power of their LinkedIn network to quickly qualify the right influencers for your LinkedIn influencer marketing campaign. Their network gives the advantage of speed, scale and accuracy when picking the right candidates to collaborate with. Most importantly, you can rely on highly targeted and niche audience exposure thanks to the pre-qualification process of all influencers who are on the agency’s network.

2. Manage formal arrangements and processes with influencers


An influencer marketing agency can also manage all formalities when it comes to influencer communication, negotiation and legal agreements. Some influencer marketing agencies as BrandRefer, also manage and take care of influencer compensations and rewards. This means your marketing team can focus on the campaign content or marketing strategy and leave legal compliance in hands of experts.

3. Execute your marketing campaigns


Marketing campaign execution can be a challenging, time-consuming and complex process. A full-service influencer marketing agency will take care of all the hustle including influencer campaign briefing, project timeline, social media post scheduling, campaign activity planning. This gives an opportunity for your marketing team to focus on results, plan next campaigns, and execute other tasks in parallel.

4. Oversee quality assurance of the campaign process


The key role in any marketing campaign success is the quality of the campaign delivery, therefore, influencer marketing agencies, in particular B2B influencer marketing agencies, will have a campaign quality assurance team that will monitor the campaign quality and will communicate with influencers in case any changes or corrections are needed. Their team will make sure your campaign content is delivered to the audience exactly as planned.

5. Monitor and analyze your influencer marketing campaigns


In addition to metrics your team sees from Google Analytics on your website, typically influencer marketing agencies will provide additional statistics, metrics, and data from the influencer side as well. Throughout the campaign, it is important to monitor all activities, engagement, clicks and conversions. Result monitoring enables all sides to check if everything is going as planned and have full visibility of the natural campaign exposure process. Once the campaign is complete your agency will summarize any findings, analyze results against previous benchmarks and report clear results as well as action points for the next campaigns.

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This article was prepared by BrandRefer, your trusted full service influencer marketing agency for LinkedIn.

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