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3 Signs of a good LinkedIn B2B Influencer Marketing agency

3 Signs of a good LinkedIn B2B Influence

With social media marketing, influencer marketing and advertising campaigns becoming the main source of new business, product visibility and brand recognition - it is important for any B2B company to consider working with Influencer marketing agencies.

As LinkedIn is the dominant social media platform for B2B businesses and professional networks it is important to hire experts who fully understand B2B marketing and business needs, LinkedIn audience characteristics and can bring particular expertise of influencer networks on LinkedIn.

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Here are 3 signs to look for in a really good LinkedIn B2B Influencer Marketing agency:

1. B2B background and experience


It is particularly important that the agency you choose to work with has clear experience in B2B influencer marketing. There are significant differences in a campaign format, delivery, strategy, influencer selection when it comes to B2C and B2B campaign planning. Your target audience is fine-tuned on LinkedIn to receive and respond to high-quality content bringing value to both their professional needs as well as their business roadmap. Try to find out what is the background of the team you will be working with closely.

2. Campaign results and customer feedbacks


Nothing speaks stronger than previous customer experiences, feedbacks and testimonials. If the agency can show previous customer examples and, even more so, previous campaign information it is a very strong sign of a knowledgeable, trusted and experienced agency. Any Influencer Marketing agency, in particular when in comes to LinkedIn marketing campaigns, should be able to walk you through customer examples, campaign processes, results, discuss potential ROI based on proven facts and figures. Most importantly linking examples back to your business, industry and target audience.

3. Solid influencer network of professionals


Results can only be achieved if the campaign is executed with the right set of LinkedIn influencers. It is important to fully understand and know who will be the influencers collaborating with you on a campaign. What are their profile characteristics, where are they based, what are they currently doing? To achieve high engagement on your LinkedIn marketing campaigns only carefully selected influencer networks will be able to expose your content to the right audience. Therefore, look for signs of the network, what can you learn about the influencers from the agency’s website, their LinkedIn company page, their business representatives.

When your team feels ready to collaborate with an influencer marketing agency to run a marketing campaign on LinkedIn, it is always best to get in touch with the agency’s campaign team. This means you can ask directly for more information specifically for your industry, learn about their team, their business processes, and get your first look at the campaign possibilities. The website is a great starting point, but a good conversation can reveal so much more and potentially give your team some more ideas to work with.

For you not to search too far, you might have already heard of us, BrandRefer, an agency fully focused on LinkedIn influencer marketing. Currently one of the largest and fastest-growing B2B influencer networks out there. Get in touch with our friendly campaign team to turn your LinkedIn campaign ideas into a reality.

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This article was prepared by BrandRefer, your trusted full service influencer marketing agency for LinkedIn.

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