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6 Reasons why to run a LinkedIn B2B influencer campaign

After seeing B2C marketing phenomenon of influencer power on social media platforms as Instagram and Facebook, there is no surprise LinkedIn is the next go to place for B2B brands to up their marketing strategy. As data shows, 94% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn to distribute content so we are already there, but could it be done more effectively?

So far brands heavily rely on organic marketing by posting their own blog posts, interviews, comment and share seeing steady but often slow follower growth and relatively small increase in outer-network reach. Then of course, nearly all brands have tried to dip their feet in LinkedIn ads or Sponsored content to try out if magical algorithms could bring in long waited leads. Some with great success celebrate their successful campaigns some still carrying hope to get more leads one day.

When we think why so, naturally, we are drawn more towards a personal recommendations or referrals through other like minded people vs automated promotional advertisements. Based on HubSpot review 71% of consumers are more likely to purchase based on social media referral. Nevertheless, a while a go Forbes estimated that over 78% of consumer purchase decision are impacted by company's social media posts.

Considering these facts alone, it’s clear that LinkedIn carries a fantastic potential for sales generation, follower engagement and brand awareness to companies all size and shape. Where we see a shift in 2020 is rise of the limitless opportunities to leverage and corporate LinkedIn influencers within digital marketing strategies and campaigns.

From BrandRefer experience, LinkedIn influencers prove to deliver higher ROI compared to algorithmic sponsored ads, outperform typical KPI when it comes down to CTR, Likes, Comments and Post Shares. As they nurture their relationship with close direct network of professionals the trust, visibility and engagement is incomparable. It more important than ever to clearly communicate your brand voice in the language of the specific platform and it’s users.

There are countless benefits, to start with we shortlisted 6 reasons you should give a green light and try out LinkedIn B2B influencer marketing campaign this year -

  1. It opens up an opportunity to create a powerful and influential brand ambassador network.

  2. Expand your audience by opening doors to other engaged networks.

  3. Benefits from direct referrals and build a strong use case.

  4. Leverage the trust and connection other professionals already have.

  5. Increase the speed of your market reach.

  6. Make most out of your existing marketing content by putting it to real use.

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This article was prepared by BrandRefer, your trusted full service influencer marketing agency for LinkedIn.


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