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4 Creative Low Budget Marketing Tactics

Tight deadlines and challenging times are often the best recipe to start do things better, more creatively, and even less expensively. Therefore, we summed up our favorite 4 creative low budget marketing strategies and tactics to try out straight away. After all, not all big marketing campaigns require big marketing budgets.

1. Social media marketing

Social media has made its name clear. If your service and product can be “packaged” in social media format your business must take advantage of the most relevant social media platforms. For B2B without a doubt that’s a LinkedIn. Build trust of your brand, engage with your audience and potential decision-makers. It could be easier to come across your brand on social media that it would be searching on the web. Be there, be present and approachable as a company.

2. Micro-influencer marketing campaigns

Not all influencer marketing campaigns come with a heavy pricing tag. Think about working with micro-influencers, influencers who have solid networks but are only starting out. Especially space is shifting when it comes to B2B influencers. As more and more professionals consider endorsing and sharing brands and products they like to their peers. To keep costs low, think what you can offer influencer in exchange, even if your product is not consumer goods there are plenty of options. Can you give them a reference for their marketing services, can you offer them your marketing support or business advice? Perhaps you can share your office space with them when they have a business meeting?

3. Email marketing

We all have heard about it and we all have done it, but it’s still there and it still works when done correctly. Emails marketing campaigns can still deliver fantastic results when you know who exactly you are sending the email and how relevant you make it to those people. Like it or not, but email still is the main professional business communication method. It makes a clear record of a business conversation and is the main way it’s shared further within the business. Don’t dismiss it just yet, just time it correctly and stay relevant.

4. Content marketing

Doesn’t matter if you’re a content genius or someone who runs miles away when it comes to content creation, it’s incredibly important to transfer your brand voice to life with the help of content marketing. Set up your website, add information about your brand and services, include a blog section to talk about important issues you help to solve. Collaborate with guest writers, be a guest writer, share other media posts and see if you can get your content featured somewhere too. Slowly but surely your content will start to pick up attention and pop up at relevant keyword searches on the web. When done correctly it brings great exposure, gives value to your leads and converts new business opportunities.

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This article was prepared by BrandRefer, your trusted full service influencer marketing agency for LinkedIn.


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