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5 LinkedIn hacks to grow your business

If you think of all the places a business professional should spend their attention in search of new ideas to grow their business, without a doubt LinkedIn is at the top of the list. The dynamic and continuously evolving business network is perfect platform for any business, in particular B2B service and product providers to learn, connect and share.

It’s time to shift our perspective of seeing LinkedIn only as a simple networking and resume platform towards a game changing digital marketing and business development tool to drive brand awareness campaigns, connect with key decision makers, influence trends and grow your business rapidly.

After all, it’s the world’s largest professional network gathering over 660 million people, 30 million companies across more than 200 countries and territories worldwide. All opportunities to be seen, heard and successful are at our fingertips.

We have shortlisted Top 5 LinkedIn hacks to grow your business in 2020:

1. Resonate with your story by updating your company’s page

“If no one knows your product or services even exist there is no way to land new customers.”

Your LinkedIn company’s page is a great way to present your product and services professionally. Not only it will serve you as a showcase page for your brand but will nicely interlink with your personal profile where most people see what company you are working at. Imagine all your team as a small gateway to your company’s page. Optimize that gateway. Review each section and see what information you can add to really communicate your value and unique story.

Handy features: Include Life Page section to your company page to share even more insightful information about your team culture, values and mission. Assigned and follow important “#”to your company page to like, comment and react to trending posts with your company’s account.

Must do: Remind your team to share your company’s latest posts within their networks. Your team’s network alone can be full of hidden jams to drive brand voice.

2. Expand your reach with LinkedIn influencers

“No matter how good is your content, product or service if it’s not seen it’s not seen.”

Exposure plays a key role to any digital marketing strategy. Think speed, innovation and quality. How can you deliver your message in an interesting and powerful way reaching larger audiences without sacrificing content quality or losing your authentic brand voice?

LinkedIn influencers are driving 2020 by reshaping the way brands communicate with their customers and prospects. And no, we’re not talking Sir Richard Branson as your only option. We’re talking about 660 million professionals all linked by unique personal networks.

Handy features: Of course we all know about LinkedIn Sponsored Ads, but we see a brand new LinkedIn influencer advertising wave supported by companies as BrandRefer B2B influencer marketing services, driving successful referral campaigns within LinkedIn.

Must do: Marketing is all about adapting and experimenting with new flows and trends. Seeks ways to communicate on more authentic and native ways to your end user. Connect with people to lift your brand voice above algorithmic search results.

3. Grow your direct network with hitting the send button

“Be the first one to make a step”

Don’t wait till someone says something, don’t wait for that nice gesture to appear out of the blue. Instead, be the one that makes the first steps. Exactly, sent that message out, click that invitation button after a networking event. It’s all about connecting and reconnecting. Any direct conversations you’ll have are million times more powerful, memorable and effective than a silenced like or fancy sponsored banner.

Handy Features: Use Direct messages or InMail messages. For personal touch include a GIF straight in the chat or even better invite another member for a Group chat. Send new invitations to connect. Commenting on recent posts and articles are still great way to reengage.

Must do: Whenever someone comments or shares feedback on your company’s post, don’t forget to thank them and show your appreciation.

4. Share your opinion with group of professionals.

“Let your voice to be heard by embracing the conversation”

There is no better way to present your brand ideas than jumping straight into conversations. Be the one who participates and contributes by joining relevant groups and communities. If you have some interesting content in mind create your own group. Start a movement, a new campaign raising awareness about key things your band values.

Handy Features: Join or create Groups, create Events via LinkedIn and invite your connections to join and support engagement. Share Presentations of areas your business excels and drive impact to others. Follow other business thought leaders and be bold to participate in their dialogs by leaving comments and sharing your feedback.

Must do: Whenever joining or creating a group always invite your connection to join as well. Creating your own support network within a network. It’s always more interesting, diverse and fruitful when things are done together.

5. Engage with your content posting frequently

“Content should do at least one of the following – inform, educate, inspire, entertain.”

Your content essentially is your brand voice. Your content is leading a conversation in a room full of people. Your key is to get their attention and show there is value to listen and pay attention to what you’re about to say. Therefore, invest enough time to have interesting and varied content. Be bold an experiment with various media forms, starting from text, infographics, banners, video snaps, gifs, memes, interviews, podcasts.

Handy features: Use LinkedIn Live streaming to promote live discussion panel on trending topic your company greatly contributes.

Must do: Be consistent with your content. Remember people are not seeing your post all day long, it’s wise to post multiple times a day to drive more engagement and visibility. Think of 2 creatives for AM and PM post.

New year always comes with new ideas and brilliant opportunities. This time we believe it’s all about resonating your brand values across digital channels and trying out all possible ways to engage existing and new audiences. From original content creation to running referral campaigns with highly engaged LinkedIn influencer network. 2020 success is in our own hands, let’s make it a good one.

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This article was prepared by BrandRefer, your trusted full service influencer marketing agency for LinkedIn.


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