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B2B Influencer marketing campaign examples

B2B Influencer marketing campaign exampl

In most cases, influencer marketing campaigns split into two categories - lead generation campaigns and brand awareness campaigns. Both of course interlink with each other as brand awareness can bring new leads, and lead generation obviously exposes your brand to new audiences. However, each campaign type has different end goals.

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In this article, we want to briefly look at the two campaign types, the key objectives for each as well as review a couple of content ideas for each B2B influencer marketing campaign.

Lead Generation marketing campaigns with B2B influencers


Campaign Outline:

Typically lead generation campaign’s main objective is to convert new leads for the business. The goal is to engage the target audience providing value-added content and convince them to learn more or get in touch with the business directly. Lead generation campaigns should always have a clear identifiable call-to-action.

Campaign Content Examples:

When running lead generation campaigns with the support from B2B influencers it is good to leave some leeway for influencers to add their own voice. When influencers create their own introduction to the campaign’s post typically the engagement increases significantly. The content looks more appealing for the audience to engage with as it speaks to them in a more authentic way. Content types that serve particularly well to B2B marketers are:

  • Webinar promotion with a dedicated registration landing page.

  • Exclusive product launch with a demo signup page.

  • High quality gated content, such as industry reports, ebooks, case studies, white papers, practical templates, etc.

  • Live event registration pages or waiting list registrations.

  • Giveaway or competition promotional landing page.

  • Free trial registration pages for premium products and services.

Define your influencer marketing objectives beforehand to know precisely what type of content to expose to your B2B influencer’s audience.

Brand Awareness marketing campaigns with B2B influencers


Campaign Outline:

When it comes to brand awareness marketing campaigns the main objective is to increase exposure to new audiences. In other words, maximize the total count of eyeballs on your brand. In this case, the main goal is not necessarily to convert the lead straight away but make the target personas aware of your products and services. The brand awareness campaigns typically would give high-value content to the audience to attract their attention and interest.

Campaign Content Examples:

Similar to lead generation it is important to give an opportunity for your B2B influencers to add their spin to the promotional post. Brand awareness campaigns are very favorable because they perfectly fit with almost any type of content and can be easily customized for target audiences. Some of the B2B content ideas that work very well are:

  • High-quality blog post published on your company’s website.

  • Video advertisements about your brand, service, product, or team culture.

  • Podcast or a vlog recording within your area of expertise.

  • Recent media coverage about your company.

  • An interview with your team member.

  • Website relaunch or product announcements, milestone celebrations.

  • The highlight of events, competitions, and rewards.

  • Customer success stories.

What’s most important to remember is that success comes to those who try. Run and test multiple campaigns, learn what your audience particularly likes.

These are only a few examples of the B2B influencer campaign ideas BrandRefer team has tested throughout our B2B customer marketing campaigns on LinkedIn. There are many more content types and variations that for sure will work well. What’s most important to remember is that success comes to those who try. Run and test multiple campaigns, learn what your audience particularly likes. Understand what content your B2B influencer delivers particularly well. Irrespective of the campaign type you can always collaborate with influencers and ask them to produce completely new unique content for your campaign or provide your approved marketing content for further exposure.

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