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How to measure B2B influencer marketing campaigns

How to measure B2B influencers marketing

When it comes to running influencer marketing campaigns on LinkedIn it is important to know how you can measure the success of your B2B influencer marketing campaign. What are the key metrics to look at and against what benchmarks to measure the results?

For this reason, we gathered key KPIs to keep track while running your influencer campaign on LinkedIn. It is especially interesting for B2B companies as B2B influencers are a very fresh and new advertising channel to test and try.

To start with let’s look at the basic campaign structure. B2B influencers will endorse your product or services on LinkedIn with their direct followers. In most cases, in the campaign brief their goal will be to get their LinkedIn audience to your company’s website - a dedicated landing page. This means that the campaign’s actions take place both on LinkedIn and continues on your website, therefore, it is important to look at measures on both sides of the river.

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At the early stages of the campaign, we are particularly interested in the action happening on the influencer’s LinkedIn feed. How large is the total network of followers, how responsive is the influencer’s network to your company’s content, and potentially even get a glimpse of who are the interested personas.

So key KPIs for LinkedIn influencers marketing campaigns are:

1. Total Campaign’s network exposure


In other words, how many followers (or connections) your influencers have. This is the direct network influencer will try to engage with their posts.

2. Campaign’s post impressions


It is the total number of times your post was actually shown to the LinkedIn audience. It is a very important metric as not all people on the influencer’s LinkedIn network will actually see the post.

3. Campaign’s total interaction


In other words, we simply want to count and keep track of the total engagement interactions with the campaign’s post, such as likes, comments, clicks of the post as well as re-shares.

4. Clicks and Click-Through-Rate (CTR)


Of course, we want to see and keep track of how many times the campaign post was clicked and calculate the CTR rate. These metrics indicate the engagement and relevancy to the audience.

5. Campaign’s post Engagement Rate


Putting all interaction data together we can easily calculate the engagement rate for the particular campaign’s post to determine if the audience who actually saw the post were interested in it or not. So simply divide the number of total interactions by impressions.

6. New Company Page Followers


Depending on your campaign type and where the influencer posts lead to you could also track and measure new LinkedIn company page followers gained during and after the influencer marketing campaign.

When the LinkedIn audience is directed to your website we are switching to website analytics. Most commonly marketing teams are using Google Analytics to see traffic increase, where the new visitors are coming from, their behavior on the specific page, and overall on the website.

Here are some handy metrics to look on your website to measure fully your LinkedIn influencers marketing campaign’s performance (although these are only a few):


7. Traffic and Traffic Source


Of course, you want to see whether your website traffic is increasing during your LinkedIn marketing campaigns (something is clearly wrong if it is not). Traffic source is particularly interesting, as you can see the traffic increase from social media, and even drill down more granular and see traffic increase from LinkedIn.

8. Count of Users and New Users


In simple terms, how many of your website or landing page visitors are new and how many of them are returning ones. This is the key metric to say how many new warm leads actually land on your side. Now it is your goal to convert and identify them.

9. Average Time Spent


It is also valuable to understand and measure how long your new LinkedIn audience spent on your promoted page and on the website overall. This helps to clearly understand their interest in the topic, your service and the product.

10. Pageviews and Unique Pageviews


You might want to look at the number of times your promoted landing page was viewed, this number should be similar to the total clicks you registered from LinkedIn. What else is handy to look also at the Unique Pageviews, which means the metric will show only a pageview once per user session.

11. Website Session and Session Insights


Lot of ways to look and analyze your data. You could also find it useful to measure session increase as well as session duration difference with your previous marketing campaigns to see how much influencer marketing campaign differs in audience behavior. You can also measure Pages per Session increase to highlight once more the audience’s interest and appetite for your content.

12. Conversions


And of course, if you are running a lead generation marketing campaign with clear Call-To-Action on the website page you want to keep track of how many visitors registered, signed up, or inquired about your service.

As you can see there are many KPIs you can set for your B2B influencer marketing campaign. The B2B influencer marketing campaigns can be greatly measured and tracked. You can benchmark results against the industry average statistics or, if you can, compare with one of your previous marketing campaigns on LinkedIn. See what is most relevant in your previous marketing arsenal to compare with.

None of the LinkedIn influencer marketing campaigns should be run in the dark. All data is there, easily accessible and measurable. If you want to see what are typical B2B influencer marketing campaign results on LinkedIn definitely visit BrandRefer customer case study page.

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