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B2B Influencer marketing statistics and results for 2021

B2B Influencer marketing statistics and

Visibly Word-Of-Mouth, Customer Reviews, Social Endorsements are gaining popularity due to their effectiveness. They are sharply changing our marketing world shaping how companies and consumers want to be informed about the products.

HubSpot references, in one of the researches, that 75% of people don’t accept advertisements as truth. 85% try to skip any ads if possible when watching TV. Instead, 90% of people believe in brand recommendations from friends and 70% believe in consumer opinion. Meaning, that people would trust a stranger over advertisements.


Knowing this, it is only logical to see steep market acceptance and growth of influencer marketing. While B2C has been pioneering in leveraging social media to increase their product sales, B2B companies are steadily catching up in this space too.

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B2B influencers can massively help drive brand awareness and support business development by building trust, credibility, interest and buzz around B2B product providers. It might seem hard to find a B2B influencer, but in fact, they are all around - engineers, marketers, customer success specialists, founders, managers, executives and the list goes on. Anyone who has a strong interest or expertise in a certain field, has an active professional network and is engaged in business social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter are a fantastic candidate to influence B2B companies.

We summarised key takeaways, B2B Influencer marketing statistics and results for 2021 BrandRefer has observed from the delivered B2B influencer marketing campaigns on LinkedIn:

  • 80% of cases SMB and SME businesses choose to run a lead generation focused B2B influencer campaigns and 20% choose brand awareness campaigns. 

B2B Influencer Marketing Campaigns - Gra
  • The most preferred content types for B2B influencer marketing campaigns on LinkedIn are webinars (47%), gated white papers (26%), blog posts (13%), video (7%), test trial giveaways (7%).

B2B Influencer Marketing Campaigns - Gra
  • 9 out of 10 B2B companies see the value and prefer if the agency takes care of the full campaign execution process starting from influencer selection and briefing up to legal compliance and compensation.

B2B Influencer Marketing Campaigns - Gra
  • Effective and optimal network reach for B2B influencer marketing campaigns starts from 20’000+ combined followers or activating at least 10 micro-influencers in one campaign.

B2B Influencer Marketing Campaigns - Gra
  • Most optimal B2B influencer marketing campaign results with high engagement on LinkedIn are seen from B2B micro-influencers with a network size between 1000 to 8000 followers.

B2B Influencer Marketing Campaigns - Gra
  • On average B2B influencer marketing campaign on LinkedIn could expect to attract around 40% content impressions from the total combined network size.

  • In average B2B micro-influencer posts on LinkedIn show a 3%-6% engagement rate and a 1% - 2% CTR leading high-quality leads to the desired landing page.

  • Lead generation campaigns endorsed by B2B micro-influencers on LinkedIn on average show registration conversion rate anywhere from 10% - 20%.

  • Strategic B2B micro-influencer campaign business leads are always 100% identifiable leads and in most cases matching the company’s ICP (ideal customer profile).

B2B Influencer Marketing Campaigns - Gra

It is still early days for B2B Influencers until the majority of businesses will start to adopt the idea of testing such types of marketing campaigns and collaborating with active professionals on LinkedIn.

Is B2B influencer marketing the right thing for your business? Results are clearly there and B2B Influencer marketing agencies such as BrandRefer do everything to facilitate and make each B2B influencer campaign on LinkedIn a success. Opportunities are there to try and test new marketing approaches and see for yourself.

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This article was prepared by BrandRefer, your trusted full-service influencer marketing agency for LinkedIn.

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