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3 signs that you are a real influencer on LinkedIn

You don’t need to be a rockstar, politician or multi-millionaire to be able to influence and leave a positive impact on people around you.

We all have heard about the famous LinkedIn Top Voices list, but this time it’s not about them - it’s about you. There are way more influencers among us from diverse backgrounds, experiences and reach. We see countless micro-influencers, so to say, who are having superb engagement with their followers, who leave a real impact in their communities, who are proactive on LinkedIn polishing their personal branding, promoting services they love, companies they support and content that inspires them and their connections. Sounds a bit familiar?

It’s very likely that you too are an influencer without even realizing it. 100% of you who read this now have a LinkedIn profile already, 100% of you have already connected with people who are not only your ex-school mates. So sit back tight and see what else says you could be a successful influencer on LinkedIn:

1. You want to grow your network

If your direct network is increasing steadily since you first joined the LinkedIn it’s pretty much clear your using LinkedIn for the right cause – connecting with other professionals in the industry to establish new professional relationships. In this way, you expose yourself to new opportunities, fresh ideas and outlook on things, latest industry news, motivational content by others and much much more.

2. You love creating your content and promote others

Not only you observe what’s happening in your network, but you also love to actively share interesting content you come across or create your own LinkedIn posts - blog articles, presentations, videos, photos. This already shows you have a lot to say, have strong opinion and a genuine interest to engage others on topics that matter to you.

3. You enjoy driving and engaging in conversations

If points above didn’t yet convince you that deep down you’re an influencer, hear this out. If you often jump in interesting conversation in groups, leave comments, like posts, tag your connection to take a look at some interesting post it’s another sign that you’re a conversation driver.

All these characteristics can be interpreted as signs that you could be a pretty cool influencer on LinkedIn and leave a great footprint with your actions.

You don’t need millions of followers to be an influencer. Your starting point is passion, drive and enthusiasm to connect and engage with the community you are creating around yourself. One step at a time and we'll be hearing from you soon.

We at BrandRefer, support and encourage professionals around the world to up their game, lead and influence, motivate and inspire each other on a daily bases. It might be interesting to continue reading and take a closer look at BrandRefer influencer network which is made particularly for LinkedIn professionals in mind.

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This article was prepared by BrandRefer, your trusted full service influencer marketing agency for LinkedIn.


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