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3 reasons everyone should consider becoming an influencer on LinkedIn

It’s very likely that you and your colleagues are already using LinkedIn. But how many of you have considered becoming an influencer on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is one of the most dominant social media platforms when it comes to professional networking and brand marketing. Everyone has gradually grown their own targeted network. See from this side, we all have our own professional network we can directly communicate with.

You don’t need 1’000’000 followers to be an on-demand influencer and become attractive in brand’s eyes. More and more companies in B2B and B2C space are actively collaborating with micro-influencers who help them spread their brand voice to new audiences.

Why micro-influencers? The results are higher, engagements better and they get more on their ROI thanks to the effectiveness of such collaborations.

Here are 3 reasons why any micro-influencer can bring high value to marketing campaigns:

1. You know your audience better than anyone else.

Think of the value of your network. They are high-quality connections you have connected with throughout your career - built relationships with, bumped into at conferences, worked with, studied together. Each of your connections is a powerful link between companies looking to promote their services and new markets, target companies, decision-makers, product scouts and buyers. You can effectively introduce relevant brands to your audience.

2. You bring an authentic voice to brand promotional content.

With your help brands can rely on authentic endorsements, feedbacks, or shoutouts of their products and services. There is nothing more effective than genuine feedback from a user or a brand supporter. Not a single marketing team with perfectly polished pitch lines can achieve what a good user input can. Your audience is more likely to be interested in your latest post rather than another sponsored add. Your authenticity helps to build immediate trust and credibility to the promoted products.

3. You help to drive valuable engagement and brand exposure.

Brand awareness and lead generation campaigns are one of the most popular objectives of any influencer marketing campaign. When your post starts to attract likes, comments, and re-shares, you know you are delivering value to the brand you collaborate with. Your connections drive further post exposure, increase click-through rates of the post, and lead new visitors to a designated website, webinar signup or demo form.

As a micro-influencer, you have all the crucial elements for a successful marketing campaign. You have to remember that most likely companies will collaborate with multiple micro-influencers at the time, therefore all your joint results will play a significant role in the campaign outcome. Don’t underestimate the value and effectiveness of your direct network on LinkedIn.

Leading B2B and B2C brands work with BrandRefer to launch LinkedIn micro-influencer marketing campaigns, starting from brand awareness, lead generation to team growth. At BrandRefer, we work directly with micro-influencer on LinkedIn. We source interesting campaigns for influencers to participate in during their spare time.

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This article was prepared by BrandRefer, your trusted full service influencer marketing agency for LinkedIn.


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