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Must know hacks for influencers to attract work on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the most promising and vibrant professional network platforms for aspiring influencers to build their network of followers, attract leading and innovative brand attention, execute interesting marketing and sales campaigns while building professional credibility and earning immediate rewards.

We summed up 5 easy hacks for anyone who is considering becoming a successful influencer on LinkedIn and support brands they feel passionate about.

#5 Know your network

Having a good overview of who are the people in your direct network is key information any brand will want to understand before launching a marketing or sales campaign with an influencer. Try to estimate a few crucial details:

  • Where are your connections mainly based

  • What professions are they fulfilling

  • What are the industries they mainly represent

  • What are their seniority levels, are they managing teams, executing tasks, studying or running their own businesses.

#4 Build consistent engagement

To make someone interested in working with you as an influencer you first have to demonstrate that you can successfully engage with your own network, or in other words, your followers. The fastest way someone can estimate your engagement quality is by seeing how many likes, comments or shares your latest posts have attracted. Try practicing this:

  • Start with making personal posts once a day - whether it's a share, an article, comment or like, make it a frequent activity that appears on your followers feeds regularly. No need to panic, not everyone will see it. People browse their LinkedIn feeds at different times of the day and only a small fraction of the most recent posts they will actually see.

  • Engage in conversations and share your feedback on other people's posts. This way you are catching their attention, appreciating their efforts and are more likely to get some attention back when you post next.

  • Use hashtags (#) to expand your activity reach and attract those who are interested in certain topics.

  • Respond back in the comment section to those who have left a note on your post. Don’t leave them hanging there. This behaviour also encourages others to leave their feedback too.

#3 Show what you can do with examples

It's important to clearly communicate what you can deliver to brands. It's not exactly the same as on Instagram where each influencer clearly shows their topic and style with their account. As it’s a bit more guessing game on LinkedIn, create samples you can later easily share and pinpoint with the brands.

Find something you would like to support (brands, products, services, causes) and experiment with creative ways to share them within your network:

  • Think what matches your personal style and resonates with your audience - it could be an interesting introduction statement, fresh banner, video review, funny comment, gif or meme.

  • If you’re really into this, start your own podcast.

  • Perhaps launching a weekly review blog on LinkedIn is your kind of thing.

  • Start your group and gather there your “portfolio” of product and service endorsements to easily share with brands when pitching a campaign.

#2 Connect with brands

Nothing happens without communication. Reach out and connect with brands you like and would love to support.

  • Start following brands you like. This way you will stay up to date with their latest updates and can be one of the first ones to interact with their posts increasing chances to be noticed.

  • Interact with brand’s posts, try re-sharing their news and giving their team a shout out.

  • See if the brands have their own LinkedIn group and join if possible. It’s a great platform to interact even more directly.

  • Understand what they are trying to achieve with LinkedIn before proposing to work together. Think, for example, are their posts mainly HR or product related.

  • Connect with their social media and digital marketing team to introduce yourself, show your samples and propose to work on a project together.

#1 Build trust and grow fast

And as a cherry on top, leverage the power of existing influencer networks on LinkedIn to take you to the next level way faster. Influencer marketing agencies like BrandRefer focus on LinkedIn platform activation. With well established partnerships BrandRefer connects you directly with brands, pings you when new campaigns are planned and brands are looking for influencers on LinkedIn.

  • With agencies like BrandRefer, all you have to do is share endorsing what you support on LinkedIn

  • BrandRefer takes care of all the rest of the arrangements, marketing collateral and campaign planning

  • Accept campaigns that interest you and build up your credibility and portfolio effectively

  • Receive instant rewards to compliment your work

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This article was prepared by BrandRefer, your trusted full service influencer marketing agency for LinkedIn.


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