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How to really activate your LinkedIn network in 2020

LinkedIn is an increasingly dominant and important platform for any B2B brand. Starting from headhunting top talent, staying in touch with existing customers down to connecting with target prospects. One way or the other, more and more companies are allocating their marketing resources and budgets to LinkedIn. And rightly so, as LinkedIn is one of the most direct networks where you can reach decision-makers, budget holders and buyers.

Despite a clear understanding of how important for a company it is to be present on LinkedIn, often companies give up after making a few posts which are randomly spread across 6 months and don’t deliver expected fan base. Well, it takes a bit more than that to gain someone’s trust, enthusiasm, and support.

The problem lies in our mindset. We want to see results immediately. We want to run an ad campaign and see a stream of sales the next day. We post a blog article and we expect to see a sea of comments by lunchtime. The truth is, as any social media channels also LinkedIn requires a long term mindset. It takes time and consistency to build your own little community, and it takes patience and commitment to deliver value without seeing a signed contract. However, those who work with the right mindset and stick with the plan are very likely to see rewards of their hard work.

People trust people and communication is part of who we are. The format in which we communicate change but the communication itself doesn’t go away. This thought leads us to think about essential elements that encourage communication on LinkedIn in order to help businesses prosper and grow in 2020.

1. Start posting frequently

It's great that your company is creating content on LinkedIn, however even more important is to post frequently. It's incredibly important that your posts appear on LinkedIn on regular bases and people have an opportunity to even notice them in their feeds. Many recommendations suggest posting anywhere between 2-5 times a week. However, if brand awareness is one of your goals, frequency should be even higher - adapting to your audience preferred time to browse LinkedIn. For instance, if your customers are spread across different time zones, it could be wise to make a post or other LinkedIn activity in the morning and another one in the late afternoon.

2. Engage the conversation

Whether you join another post with a comment or encourage people to comment on your post - both sides play an important role to drive engagement, create community, and build relationships. If you want your company posts to be seen by more people, or in other words to the full scale of your network it has to attract some likes, comments, and shares in order to be "approved" by LinkedIn algorithms. The whole idea of the LinkedIn platform is to drive conversations and exchange knowledge. You have to be part of it if you want to be heard.

3. Include a call to action

Make sure to include a clear call to action to your content, encourage interaction and engagement. From asking to leave a comment below, share, like, sign up or download a piece - all of those points make your reader want to continue a conversation with you. Keep in mind, not all calls to action are sales driven. Be genuine and build trust over time.

4. Connect and network

And last, but certainly, not the least - never stop growing your network. Turn connecting with new people into your daily routine. Instead of swapping business cards connect via LinkedIn, follow your customer's and prospect's activities, let them see your updates and posts. Reach out to people you have a common network, shared interests, a clear value you can bring them. Send an invitation, include a personalized note. See where your LinkedIn relationship can take you and your business.

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This article was prepared by BrandRefer, your trusted full service influencer marketing agency for LinkedIn.


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